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Geoinformation Interface

Graph is a cloud-based product that allows users to visualize powerful and interactive geospatial information using the latest web technologies and having a responsive and versatile interface.

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Unlock the power of Where

Get insights from location data and deliver the best
business decisions.

Graph can be used to create, use, modify and share
maps and overlay them on satellite images and so
solve real-world problems.

Points are showing geolocation inportance



Your own content is superimposed with state of the art imaging services such as OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps or Bing Maps.

User Centric

Configurations are flexible and can be automated depending on the platform needs. Qarta integrates Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding from various providers and it comes with a free and open source geocoder from OpenStreetMap.


Perfect tool for analyzing data, identifying patterns and making predictions.

Data Management

You can bring your own data to the app, or you can access various kinds of spatial data, including real-time data or big data.


Being highly applicable, Graph offers solutions for many fields of activity.


Fast loading is one of the Graph`s main features.

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We bring innovation
to public administration

We help governments and local administrations to develop their path to becoming Smart Cities, by developing software solutions for digital infrastructures.

Using information and communication technology to improve operational efficiency, share public information, and provide better government services and public welfare.

A smart city where GIS is tool for better infrastructure

This could be your city

Boost your community engagement by creating a city open data portal with Graph.

Business needs that the GIS softwares Graph and Qarta are serving

Business Needs:

  • Real-time, near-real time analysis
  • Asset Tracking and Analysis
  • Field Service management
  • Risk Management Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Site Analysis and Territory Planning
  • Supply Chain Management

Government Needs:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Civic Inclusion
  • Crisis Response
  • Economic Development
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Safety and Security
  • Situational Awareness
A desktop with Graph, the intuitive Gis interface and map tool