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Scaling New Heights: The 2023 Quarticle Team Building Adventure

July, 2023

Every day at Quarticle is an opportunity to get excited about our work and the impact we have on our team, clients, and society at large. As we embody this core value, we always strive to not only strengthen the bonds among our colleagues but also foster a continuous collaborative and cohesive work environment.

Recently, the Quarticle team embarked on an enriching team-building adventure filled with significant learnings, valuable experiences, and impressive sightseeing in Macedonia and Kosovo. This article takes you through our journey, starting with our first stop in Skopje, Macedonia, followed by Prizren, Kosovo.

The Quarticle team in Kosovo, attending FOSS4G
The Quarticle team in Kosovo, attending FOSS4G

First Stop: Skopje, Macedonia

After leaving Arad (Quarticle’s headquarters), our team-building journey commenced in Skopje, Macedonia, a city brimming with history, culture, and stunning landscapes. We immersed ourselves in the local atmosphere, exploring the charming Old Bazaar and admiring the iconic Stone Bridge. Skopje's vibrant ambiance was a promising start for the rest of the days ahead.

Team snapshot in Nis, Serbia
Team snapshot in Nis, Serbia

“Skopje - Macedonia, a city of contrasts. I had a wonderful time here with my colleagues. Exploring this city was like stepping into a time capsule. The old part, with its charming bazaar, cozy cafes, and mouthwatering baklava, transported me to a past era. On the other hand, the modern side of the city amazed me with its grand statues, trendy fashion boutiques, and melodic tunes of street musicians.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to have quality conversations over steaming cups of tea and indulged in delightful bites of baklava with my colleagues on this unforgettable trip.”
Oana Cârmaciu, Quarticle Account Manager

Sightseeing in Skopje, Macedonia
Sightseeing in Skopje, Macedonia

Second Stop: Prizren, Kosovo

Continuing our journey, we ventured to Prizren, a city nestled in the picturesque valleys of Kosovo. Prizren captivated us with its rich architectural heritage and its delicious food. This is also where we attended the FOSS4G 2023 conference as bronze sponsors and speakers through our GIS Developer, Francesca Drăguț.

Francesca Drăguț presenting at FOSS4G
Francesca Drăguț presenting at FOSS4G

"Absolutely loved presenting today at FOSS4G 2023 Prizren 💫

Great vibe, lots of attendees, many interesting questions, and new development ideas for my Graph-based Geointelligence engine - they all made this an unforgettable experience.

I am truly grateful to have had the chance of presenting my work to such an open, supportive, and like-minded community.

Thank you Octavian Iercan and Ricci Facalet for all the guidance and support!”

Said Francesca on LinkedIn

The community at FOSS4G 2023
The community at FOSS4G 2023

In addition to the B2B meeting and the conference sessions, one of our conference highlights was the Geochicas Diversity Meeting. This provided a platform to celebrate and amplify the voices of women and non-binary individuals in the geospatial field. We had the privilege of engaging in enlightening discussions and connecting with like-minded professionals.

Quarticle ladies at the Geochicas meetup
Our Quarticle ladies at the Geochicas meetup

As our team-building journey concluded and we came home to Arad and Timisoara, we reflected on the incredible experiences we shared and the memories we made together. The combination of exploring new destinations, while connecting with our team and our industry peers enriched our collective knowledge and expanded our perspectives.

We returned from our team-building adventure with a renewed sense of unity and purpose. The memories we created, the lessons we learned, and the connections we forged will continue to shape our team dynamics and drive us toward future growth and greater success.

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